What I Wore Today

/A casual look that when teamed with statement heels is transformed (basically no longer boring). Although I love them so much, these heels are VERY awkward to wear. They are grey which is hard enough anyway especially when you don’t have a matching grey bag, then there is the contrasting brown heel which just makes everything worse! I think I have come up with the perfect way to style them though (I had to really seen as though they cost an absolute bomb just to be sat in my wardrobe in the midst of my £10 shoes) The grey blouse teams with the grey part of the heels and the brown straps on the bag team up with the heel part. Voila! I probably just made this a lot more complicated for myself but that is just me. I have also realised what a strange word grey is whilst writing this. I think I should stop writing now as I assume you are already asleep or have just woken up.

Blouse – Primark

Jeans – Zara

Shoes – Jeffery Campbell

Bag – H&M

Earrings – Charity shop