1 September 2013

Little Purple Velvets

Denim Jacket - I dont know it's my Mums!
Playsuit - Miss Selfridge
Boots - TK Maxx
Necklace - Primark like 3 years ago!

I absolutely love these new booties! They caught my eye yesterday when I was shopping in TK Maxx and fell in love instantly. They were originally supposed to be £55 but you know TK Maxx...they were £25! With it being pay day I just couldn't resist! As you probably have noticed as well (actually you probably haven't) I have had my hair slightly lightened, I had to avoid using flash on my hair because it made my hair go a funny artificially gingery kind of tone which was awful! I eventually want to go more of an ashy colour but I quite like this shade right now! 


  1. Oh I adore your boots!!! Love your style!! Follower:)
    Erin Nicole

  2. ahh laura, no way did you get those for £25?! they look exactly like my doc martens which were £125 :( you're too good at finding bargins! no fair! love this look by the way :) Pam x

  3. Heyyy Pam! Oh yeah I forgot you had some like them too!! At least you have the real thing though!;) thankyou! I just had a look at your blog you've made some amazing stuff!:) x

  4. I love those boots! It's probably too late but i'm going to tk maxx tomorrow to try and find some :) £25 what a bargain! :) xx

  5. Ah those boots are so gorgoues! Perfect for autumn :)

    I'm now following you on bloglovin'

    Soph xx