June 6, 2013

Graduate Fashion Week

A group of us from uni went to London to visit Graduate Fashion week and some of the work was extraordinary. I was going to do loads of fun things like take pictures of peoples street style and all of the amazing work displayed, however I forgot to bring my camera! I know this is a very silly thing to do, like who forgets their camera going to something like this? But, this is me we are talking about – the person who currently owns a temporary (and rubbish, with no camera) phone due to breaking her old one. Oh and did I mention that this has been the case for around five months now because I keep forgetting to send it off? Basically none of my friends thought of this either and we only took a few photographs whilst we were there. So, here are the only photos of me throughout the trip – just as evidence for you! But dont worry, I am definitely going next year and I’ll 100% make sure I remember my camera!

Laura Frances Heitzman

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