May 8, 2013

Met Gala Punk Style – The Best and the Worst

The Met Gala has gained the reputation of the most fashionable night of the year, and 2013’s punk theme failed to disappoint. The theme gave the A-listers an amazing canvas to paint on when it came to their outfits, the following are some of my favorites and some of the disasters.


Amanda Seyfried looked as stunning as ever in this floor length vintage Givenchy dress. 

Anne Hathaway showed off a very different style to what we are all used to, with her new peroxide pixie cut and her amazingly relevant Valentino dress. I love the extra touch that the sheer detail gives, it adds the ‘punk’ edge.

What can I say about Blake Lively, every event attended, every outfit worn, every detail is always perfect. Everything about this Gucci Premiere dress is just perfect. Enough said.

Can Cara do no wrong? Miss Delevigne ticks all the boxes in this Burberry dress which she says was “made for her”

Loving the cut outs in Emma Watson’s dress, she plays down the ‘punk’ look by keeping it simple.

Anything figure hugging worn by the one and only JLO is a hit with that figure, her hair is looking amazing too!

Katie Holmes looked absolutely gorgeous in this Calvin Klein dress, the uneven hemline adds an extra something to the dress which works well with her smokey eyes and fierce hair.

To start with, I absolutely love the A/W D&G collection so even before setting my eyes on this look and just hearing that Katy Perry wore one of the dresses, it was obviously going to be the perfect match. Katy teams the dress with a matching crown and earrings with crimped hair and deep purple lips.

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley as gorgeous as ever in this beautiful gothic Gucci dress.

Alexa Chung, my absolute favorite style icon gets it all right with this perfect Erdem dress.

The not so good

Oh. No. How old is she again? I don’t think anymore words are necessary.

Its safe to say Miley Cyrus got the memo this time. 10/10 for effort, though I’m afraid she has looked better. She reminds me of a conker’s prickly shell in Autumn, either that or a hedgehog… and don’t even get me started on that dress.

Normally SJP gets it all right; I look at this dress and think yes, but then I think no, and then yes and then no again which cannot be a good thing.

Beyonce’s chunky belt adds pounds to her waistline, and so does the bold print. I’m also not sure about the gloves either and the matching boots are just way too loud.

Last but not least, I had to mention Kim Kardashian’s number, after all this moment in fashion history will scar our dear hearts for life. As always, her makeup is flawless, her hair is slick and her baby bump is styled completely wrong. I have no idea what she was thinking, who in their right mind wears a figure hugging dress that doesn’t even look like it has nearly enough stretch in it when they are very noticeably pregnant? The busy print teamed with matching gloves and shoes make it almost impossible to distinguish whether what you are looking at is a hand or part of her belly – no! no! no! Sorry for the ramble on this one, it really needed to be said.

The ones who didn’t even bother to try

The punk theme must have slipped the minds of these celebrities or their stylists as they thought out their red carpet looks.

“Anna Wintour and Bee Shaffer look so punk its almost criminal” said noone. Both looks portray the complete opposite of punk, what is the point in a theme for people not to follow it? I’m not so sure on Anna’s dress but her daughter looks absolutely lovely.

Emilia Clarke looked flawless in a red Ralph Lauren dress, still no sign of punk at all.

Unlike the rest of the lovely ladies looks, Gwyneth Paltrow doesn’t just ignore the theme, she doesn’t look great either. Aside from the colour of the Valentino Couture dress, it is very boring and looks a tad uncomfortable. Gwyneth, who wore her hair in a ponytail for the event also recently said that she thought the Met Gala was ‘un-fun’- just like her dress then.

The colour on this dress is amazing and makes Kate Upton’s eyes pop. I think she can get away with wearing this delicate Diane von Furstenberg dress because she looks too beautiful. After all it wouldn’t be fair to say this was a red carpet miss would it?

Sorry Uma Thurman but the closest this Zac Posen dress is going to get to punk is what you find in one of the Sex Pistols used tissues.

Laura Frances Heitzman

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