27 February 2017

Weekly Update 27th Feb 17

 1. This week I joined the gym!!! I am writing this after my first gym class since June. I decided to go for a spin class and my god it was hard. But so worth it as it's made me more motivated to go more! I have a fab abs class booked for tomorrow and I can not wait to get my abs looking fabbbb.  

 2. As I mentioned last week, George and I went to a spa and had afternoon tea on Saturday. After an hour of gorj treatments we were literally falling asleep! We managed to perk ourselves up and get ready for some food and a night out. We went to Gino D'Acampo's restaurant and then headed over to the jorthern quarter for some cocktails. An absolute hair disaster occurred though, when I was getting my head massaged the lady rubbed massage oils into my hair so I had to go out with the greasiest hair I have ever seen! Luckily the 'slicked back' look is quite popular so I hope I managed to pull it off lol!  

3. I also gave in and lost my veggie status this weekend. I decided that for health reasons it was a no brainer. I am severely anaemic and I wasn't getting anywhere with just eating leafy greens. It did feel strange and will be something I'll have I get used to but I'm sure I'll be able to adjust! After a fair few cocktails on Saturday night we ended up In a chicken shop and I thoroughly enjoyed my chicken nuggets!!    

 4. In my hungover state on Sunday I travelled to Sheffield to meet Natalie, to pick up an iPad she was selling. We actually met through twitter which shows how amazing social media is for opportunities! I am going to use the iPad to draw fashion illustrations and prints on my commute. I travel around an hour and a half to two hours each way so I thought I might as well put that spare time to good use! I want to set up a website soon to showcase my designs so I'll mention it on here when I do!  

Hope you all have a lovely week this week!  

Laura x

20 February 2017

Weekly Update 20th Feb 17

This week went so so fast I can't actually believe it. My week wasn't as interesting as last week but it was still fab!

1. This weekend Alisha and I went to visit our friend Meg for her 23rd birthday. She is from St Helens so we went out round her way. We had such a good night and it was so lovely to be reunited with the gals again! I was incredibly tired and hungover yesterday which is why I didn't manage to write this post till today!

2. Tuesday was obviously Valentine's Day (can't forget it with all the love filled social media posts flying about!) I don't personally see the big deal in Valentine's Day, of course it is lovely to make a fuss of your loved one, but that should happen every day! Saying that, we did go to Chester last weekend so we had a chilled one on Tuesday, I headed over to George's house for some tea and Game of Thrones (we got to the point where Geoffrey finally died! It was amazing!)

3. Thursday was a good day - I went to a #WeBlogMcr meet up hosted by the lovely Holly Wood. I caught up with some familiar faces and met some new ones too. The blogging community never fails to amaze me. I love the positivity everybody has and it's so refreshing that everyone is so eager to help and support each other. 

George and I have booked a spa day and afternoon tea on Saturday which I am really excited about so I will update you on that next week! I hope you all have a lovely week! 

Laura x

12 February 2017

Weekly Update 12th Feb 17

I’ve had such a fantastic week this week... I’m really loving life at the minute! I’m hopefully going to do this kind of update post every Sunday from now on; I actually have a lot coming up in the next few weeks so I should have plenty to write about!

1. I turned 23 on Tuesday and had an amazing day! I went out for an Italian at a place called San Giovannis which is just round the corner from my house with my boyfriend George. He actually got me some soft boxes that I can use for my blog photography which is such an amazing gift! I can’t wait to start using them!

2. Last weekend I had all of my uni friends and some home friends over for some drinks and then we went out afterwards, I had such a great birthday weekend. It was so nice getting everyone together again and it was my best friend Alisha’s birthday too which made it extra special. Alisha and Naomi treated me to a pedicure for my birthday which was just gorgeous! We went back to my house after the night out and filmed the most hilarious Snapchat story; we baked some camembert cheese in the oven and vlogged it. We are thinking of creating a snapchat series whenever we are drunk and eating food at the end of the night because it was that funny when we looked over it again the next day. Follow Laurafrancesx for next time lol!

3. On Wednesday I went to a charity event at Goodstock in Manchester with Alisha, got some amazing bargains and then headed to Yard and Coop for some FREE CHICKEN! I am a vegetarian so I swapped my chicken for some fried halloumi bites. We only had to pay for any extras which was amazing... we got chip shop curry sauce on the side and mac ‘n’ cheese balls which were SO good 10/10 I fully recommend. And it only ended up being £2.50 for the full meal #delish.

4. On Friday I went to Menagerie with the girls from work. It was SO fabulous! It is a restaurant and bar that has a runway in the middle with cabaret dancers dancing around you as you eat. I got quite a few snaps with my camera so I plan to write a blog post all about it next week!

5. I have just got back from a lovely weekend in Chester with George. I forgot what a lovely city Chester is, it is so beautiful and old Victorian buildings are everywhere. We had a stroll around the town center and of course watched the football in a good old fashioned pub! 

Hope you all have a lovely week!

Laura x

24 January 2017

2016... A reflection

I know I am a bit late to the party, but it's still January and it's better late than never! It feels like a lifetime ago 2016 started because so much has happened, but it has all happened so fast! On reflection 2016 has seen a lot of awful things happen to the world, the UK leaving the European Union was an absolute travesty and don't get me started on how I feel about the new US president. In some ways I look at 2016 as an absolute disaster of a year, but it is important to look at the positives and on reflection so many amazing things happened to me last year that if I look at it from a different view, it could even be the best year of my life. I'll just leave this list right here with you...

1. As you may know Noel Gallagher is my fav person ever and I'm obsessed with Oasis. This year I got to see Noel Gallagher live again and I actually met him and we got a selfie! I also got to go to the Oasis exhibition when it finally came to Manchester. It was a-mazing.

2. Me and my friend Naomi casually bumped into Alex turner in Manchester, and got a selfie with him too. It was the most surreal thing ever and we went to The Last Shadow Puppets gig later that night!

3. I graduated! My last year of uni was an amazing one, I left university with so many amazing memories and lifelong friends. I also left with a portfolio I am so proud of after all of my hard work.

4. I found out I got a full time job at the end of 2016! In the first week of January I started a new job role as a designer and I am loving it!

5. I had such an amazing summer with my friends, one of the highlights was seeing our fav band Catfish and The Bottlemen together and also finally getting to see Beyonce live in London.

6. I got to go to graduate fashion week which was a lovely way to end final year with my favourite girlies.

7. I met my boyfriend George and he pretty much made my year.

8. I discovered my undying love for prawns and mushrooms, before 2016 i swore I'd hate them for life!

9. Two of my best friends from university moved near me in Manchester.

10. I am a genuinely happier and better version of myself, I know this is a super cringe thing to say but I have really found myself this year and have become a more confident and positive person. And because of that I can say 2016 was definitely a success.

I hope you all had a fantastic 2016 and here is to a happy and healthy 2017!

Laura x